Voice Work

Mike singing

Voice Work with Victoria

I am passionate about the enormous expressive potential of the singing and speaking voice.  I believe that vocalization in speech and song are natural human activities which communicate both our mundane and our ecstatic response to the joys and sorrows of life.   As an Alexander Technique teacher, I believe that both speaking and singing are expressions of the whole person. The essential task in the voice studio and voice class is to remove the interferences of unconscious tension, anxiety, or efforting that stifle the songs and stories in every human soul.

I teach students of all ages.  As a faculty member at Plymouth State University, I have taught undergraduates who aspire to professional concert, classroom, and music theatre stages.  In my private studio,  I teach amateurs and professionals.  My students have gone to Oberlin and New England Conservatory, or they are soloists at the local church.  Some want to be able to give a business presentation more easefully, or preach better in church, or speak to a full classroom of children all day without losing their voice.  Some are headed to Broadway or the concert stage. Some just want to have fun singing the National Anthem at the local ballgame.

My teaching is based not only on the Italian bel canto tradition, but also on the connection between speech and singing. Jazz and musical theatre styles especially must address the spoken voice.  My voice teaching has also been heavily influenced by the work of Kristin Linklater and Patsy Rodenburg.